Hello my name is Linda D. Thompson and welcome to my Official website. I'm running for congress because Women, Children, Seniors, Veterans, and the Middle Class are all real people who need a voice. I will go to Congress to be your voice.....

One may ask why should I support Linda Thompson? One Word: Leadership! Difficult times require tough choices and a leader who can make them while providing hope for a better future. My record demonstrates leadership. I was the only elected official who made the difficult decision to place Harrisburg under ACT 47 state law. If you elect me to Congress I will fight for you Every Day and I promise you that I will not be a part of any Political Party that allows the gridlock that we have today. We can do better. We deserve better than what we have, and I will give this District what it deserves. A leader who Puts People First!  


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As Mayor of the City of Harrisburg, Linda Thompson faced an unfrequented financial crisis. From the onset, she took action and charted a new course. Under her leadership, the City saw growth and development that resulted in $160 million in new investment., 722 new businesses and 1800 new full and part time jobs, an expanded tax base and a revitalization of neighborhoods. Throughout her term as Mayor, she continually promoted policies to improve people's lives. Safe streets, quality public education, business development and job creation are just a few of the solutions Linda Thompson will continue to promote to solve the issues that face so many.  
Putting People First!
Strengthening Women
Strengthening Education
Strengthening Businesses

Linda Thompson understands women not only suffer the indignation of intrusion into their health care choices, they earn only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men and less for minority women.

In Congress, Linda Thompson will fight to reinstate employment rights for women including equal pay, job training and education, increasing the minimum wage and advocating for women entrepreneurs.

When women do well, America does well!


Linda Thompson understands we have to invest in our children in order to create a workforce that is able to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. She understands we need to modernize our schools and better equip colleges and universities to give our children the cutting edge skills employees need.

In congress, Linda Thompson will prevent teacher layoffs and educational cuts, make more affordable and increase Pell Grants, add funding to the Work-Study program to allow students to work while earning a degree, invest in early Childhood Development and funding for child care, and promote programs that improve the quality of our teachers.

When our children do well!, America does well!


Linda Thompson understands small businesses are the back bone of our economy, the propellers of our prosperity, the creators of most jobs yet their are at least 27 million small businesses in America that lack access to credit and encounter overly restrictive lending practices.

In Congress, Linda Thompson will expand lending to millions of small businesses, offer tax incentives and cuts to spur investment growth, new start-ups and hiring and reduce costs and increase amounts for SBA loans.

When our small businesses do well, America does well!